Over the next few weeks we will be celebrating our customers and the heroics they carry out every day.

Over on our social media accounts (Twitter and LinkedIn) we’ll be sharing stories about the fantastic work they all carry out which ensures their patients are receiving the best prehospital care.

Powered by ARC

So what does the “Powering Our Heroes” message have to do with us and what power exactly are we providing?

Well here at Surge we’re proud of the part we play in giving our customers the software they need to use on a daily basis when attending their missions or carrying out critical care transfers.

Here at Surge we’re proud of the part we play

We have spent years developing our two software solutions:

  • ARCEMS - our mobile compliance and EPRF cloud-based solution for air ambulances

  • ARCCTS - our end-to-end critical care patient transfer system

We have worked on these two products in close partnership with our customers to refine them and ensure they are optimised to provide them with the tools they need when carrying out vital patient care.

This includes providing a first rate patient observation feature that allows all injuries, interventions, illnesses and drugs administered to be recorded easily via our native iPad app.

We also provide industry leading compliance which enables our customers to meet the highest standards set out by clinical governance legislation. We do this by time stamping every piece of data recorded, offering offline data capture so nothing is lost even when your internet connection goes and through a range of audit and reporting tools.

To be able to contribute to the patient care our customers provide fills our team with immense pride and motivates us to continue to innovate and develop our software so gains in patient care are passed onto our customers.

Back to our Heroes

In case you’re not familiar with the work our customers do, we’ve pulled together below some highlights to showcase the great range of services our customers offer in their regions:

Great North Air Ambulance Service

Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance

  • Responded to over 22,000 life-threatening missions since they were established in 1994 - including 114 last month alone

  • Require £6 million each year in donations to continue to provide their services

  • Charitable organisation with no direct government funding

  • ARCEMS user

  • To make a donation visit https://www.ambucopter.org.uk/donate/form/ or follow them on Twitter


  • Air Ambulance and charity Critical Care Team Vehicles operating 365 days a year

  • £15,000 a day to keep service operational

  • 2,262 emergencies in 2019 already attended 220 this year (91 Helicopter missions and 129 CCT vehicle missions)

  • ARCEMS user

  • To make a donation visit: https://www.hiowaa.org/donate/ or follow them on Twitter

Retrieve Adult Critical Care Transfer Service

  • NHS organisation newly setup to provide adult critical care transfer service for South West England

  • They have been helping with the national critical care transfer effort during the on-going pandemic

  • ARCCTS user

  • Find out more about Retrieve here https://retrieve.nhs.uk/ or follow them on Twitter

Find out more

To find out more about our range of software please get in touch with us today or if you’d like to find out more about the Powering Our Heroes campaign keep an eye on our Twitter account or follow the #PoweringOurHeroes hashtag.

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