The Importance Of Offline Capability For Medical Apps

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The majority of us live a life which is now constantly connected to the internet. Mobile phones, smart watches, TVs and now even washing machines are all connected and the days of losing signal on your phone seem like an horrendous memory from the 90s (remember standing by the window trying to get some bars on your phone?!). Network coverage is at an all time high with Companies like EE claiming 99% 4G coverage across the UK.*

All sounds good right? Except in reality we’ve all been places that are complete signal dead zones which make you question the accuracy of 99% coverage stats.

For medical teams who work in all locations e.g. HEMS crews operating offshore or on mountain ranges or critical care transfer teams operating in remote rural locations, signal strength and having a connection can often be a challenge.

This is why we’ve made sure that for ARCEMS customers, if your signal stops you don’t have to.

No Signal - No Problem

Due to the nature of the work our customers carry out and the locations they do it in, we’ve created offline capability as standard into both our ARCEMS and ARCCTS products.

By having this ability it ensures there is no lost patient data should their internet connection drops. Users just carry on recording patient observation data as normal and then everything is synced back up when they reach a location with a connection. Some other EPRF systems on the market don’t offer this which means customers have to revert to paper-based notes when a signal drops. This leads to half the data being in the iPad and half of it on paper which isn’t ideal. On top of this it needs to be rekeyed at a later date to ensure a complete digital record is stored (for auditing and clinical governance), all of which is using up valuable resource time.

System Confidence

When you purchase a piece of software you need complete confidence in it that it won’t let you down and that your users don’t experience downtime. This trust is something that we’re proud to offer our customers.

The information they are recording about patients is essential and needs to be accurately stored so that when they hand it on to the receiving hospital it is clear and complete. Our customers can be flying their air ambulances over rural moors, mountain ranges and can even land in football stadiums during a game - all areas where signal quality can be poor to non-existent (the sheer volume of people in a stadium affects connections) but fortunately all their data is still captured in our software regardless of where they are flying.

User Experience and more

If you have ever used software which relies on an internet connection you’ll know the struggle of waiting ages for a page to load when you’ve got a bad signal. Our customers can’t work like this with every second counting when providing emergency medical care, so by being able to work offline they get the same consistent user experience and don’t find any time being lost while waiting for things to load.

Offline working also brings with it the benefits of:

  • Reduced data usage when working completely offline (an estimated £29 to £58 per device per month**)

  • Longer battery life with no wasted power as your tablet constantly searches for a network to connect to.

Find out more

If the software you are using for your HEMS crew missions doesn’t provide you with offline data capture capability then you are potentially at risk of losing data. To find out more about our solutions and their ability to work both on and offline get in touch with us today and our team can give you more information plus arrange a free no obligation demo of our software.

Call us - 0191 8090 272

Email us - info@wearesurge.co


* https://www.4g.co.uk/ee-4g-network-summary/

** https://www.alphasoftware.com/blog/offline-apps

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