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Built as a true end-to-end solution, ARCCTS is our critical care transfer system which guides users through all stages of a transfer from raising a request through to completion. Our pre-hospital software has been developed in conjunction with critical care transfer teams to improve the recording of data during patient transfers and to ensure fast efficient handovers.


Easy raising of transfer requests

New requests can be added quickly via our intelligent forms which guide you through the process so that all of the information required by the transfer team is completed. 

Once the transfer request has been accepted, it can be assigned to a crew with all information available on the transfer team’s iPad and an EPRF with details of any allergies, medication taken, safeguarding, NHS numbers and more can be created.

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Patient Observations

Updates on a patient's condition pre-transfer and when in-transit can be recorded in our survey tool. Details of any injuries, observations and treatments administered can be entered and plotted onto a visual body map. Bluetooth connectivity is available for linking up with observation equipment within your vehicles. 

Our intelligent forms help ensure data accuracy by alerting you should any of the information entered during an observation be outside of expected parameters.

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Efficient Patient Handovers

ARCCTS ensures an effective patient handover. A notes section provides the team with the ability to summarise the patient’s journey and give the receiving team all the information they require to continue the patient's care.  

A print-ready handover PDF can be generated with all the information recorded during the transfer e.g. surveys, drugs used, notes, photographs of injuries and ECG printouts etc. This PDF can either be printed or emailed from a user’s iPad directly to the receiving hospital.


Complete compliance

One of the key benefits ARCCTS brings is that it provides a full auditable log of all activities carried out during transfers. Every intervention, every drug prescribed and administered is recorded stored and time stamped down to an individual patient level.

We know that being able to provide information to Clinical Commissioning Groups and/or Care Quality Commissions is important for our customers. This is why all of your data is easy to retrieve and extract from the system.

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Reporting & Audit Tools

With ARCCTS you get a range of powerful reports which can quickly extract the required information out of the system and ensure you can provide data needed for any auditing and legislative requirements. 

Queries can be run on a wide range of data areas including response times, the types of drugs used during a certain period and more.

These reports take the hassle out of gathering data for internal and external stakeholders.


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